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"Mind the Matrix II is most definitely my favourite definition of art manifested;


A high quality of communication: The message was gentle, useful, practical, reasonable and hopeful. What more could anyone ask for?"


~ Monte Rock

Mind the Matrix II Faja Lobi

You may ask yourself:


“These are exciting times on our Earth realm & subsequently also in our entire universe, in all dimensions. We are gathering a large number of lifetimes, processing & integrating them. This involves the healing of accumulated trauma throughout thousands of years, stored in our DNA and lodged in our body-cell memory. The healing of this is of vital importance if we are to move to the next level of reality; individually & as a collective.”

"We are invited to embark on this journey, first & foremost by healing ourselves. This is reflected to the outside world, where we meet other reflections of healed people. This creates a fractal process within which we can populate the planet with a new reality. As a unified group involving all sentient beings: The different races, genders and ages together as a collective consciousness. Within the current Matrix we have been dealing with opposing forces that have caused a long drawn out scene of divide & rule. Natural brothers and sisters have been fighting each other for eons, convinced they are enemies. This has caused an immense suffering within us."

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"This series is here to help those who have decided to be part of this positive 

new era. It will give handy and practical tools about what we can do - on multiple levels - to get through this current shift, with joy and courage and reconnect with our true essence."

Christianne van Wijk

Award winning filmmaker


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