Christianne van Wijk

Presenter Mind the Matrix

Christianne is an award winning Director, Producer, Writer, Presenter and Intuitive Counsellor and Visionary.

Her passion is shining light on topics that can help humanity gain a better understanding of issues that taint our society and how to expand consciousness. She won ‘Best Director’ with her debut feature film The Scandalous Four at the London Independent Film Festival. Christianne has recently Line Produced the period drama REDBAD starring Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad). As a director, Christianne has several independent feature length documentaries under her belt.

She made and presented the highly successful film MIND THE MATRIX as a prequel to MIND THE MATRIX the series. She is also the Director of Gaia TVs successful 'Voices from the Forest' about the New Zealand Faery Folk. and

Sarah Li

Guest Presenter Mind the Matrix ASIA SEASON 2

Sarah started off as a commentator at the age of 9 back in China. Although still a kid and with a very unusual childhood. She learnt to be organised, detail-oriented, work well to time frames and enjoy diversity. 
Sarah was the kind of poster girl any parent would be proud of:  She could have pursued a comfortable life in China, with a degree in a good university, a subsequent job and just fit in the mould.  Sarah decided that this type life was not for her. She wanted to push and challenge herself and explore her wide range of abilities.
So, off she went to New Zealand and started a restaurant. As a successful entrepreneur at only 23, Sarah faced a situation of life and death when diagnosed with a brain tumor.

She sold her business and returned to China. There she took a long hard look at herself and asked herself a profound question: What if I have another chance to live, would I make the same choices?

That is the day Sarah decided she would only follow her heart. To be truly herself and do things without hesitation and delay. 
And here she is, back in health in full glory. She has owned metro best restaurant, set up the largest Chinese media company in NZ, owns a branding company and a financial IT company in China, holds double major MBAs and is also active as an actress.

Sarah is aware these are not 'successes' but merely experiences. A following of passions and inspirations. Art being the most important one. The art of life and the dream of a greater vision for humanity. A world that consists of glory, peace, praises, joy and abundance. Through the collaboration of like minded talented people Sarah has realised the true potential for change.
The Next Dimension being a perfect platform for this.

Wiremu Grace

Guest Presenter Mind the Matrix OCEANIA SEASON 2

Wiremu has been a visual artist, a carver, dancer, an actor and a Kura kaupapa Maori teacher. He has produced, written and directed for radio, TV, film and stage, focusing his creative talents in the last 15 years to pursue a career in directing and writing.

His background of growing up around his marae in Hongoeka bay are a continuing inspiration for his storytelling.
Wiremu began his writing career in early two thousand when he began writing stories for Maori publications. He has published several kaupapa Maori books with Huia publishers, wrote stories for independent publishers, published a series of online

stories on the Maori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories website and more recently published a series of three children books for pre schoolers. Wiremu wrote his first short film in 2004 called Turangawaewae which traveled to Cannes and won several awards. He won several other awards for writing, completed a masters degree in screen writing and also attended the Binger film Lab in Amsterdam for six months.

Wiremu began his directing career on a Maori Television reality show called Waka Reo. Since then Wiremu has directed numerous corporate videos, Maori education resources, advertising, short films, one of which attended the Berlinale film festival, a short doco drama, two full length documentaries, ‘Ka mate the haka the legend’, The Goethe story and a documentary series called ‘The Political Game’. Wiremu has directed and produced several video installations for Te Papatongarewa

education resources in Te reo Māori for Core education. His more recent video works have included a series for TPK regarding Maori housing, employment and land development and a video blog called ‘Eco Maori’ illustrating positive initiatives in health, wellbeing and environment that he is passionate about.

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