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The importance of reuniting with the full integrity of our spirit and source. Christianne van Wijk visits Andean Shaman Mama Nuiyuan and his pupil Jonathan Evatt in Colombia where she is given an important message for ‘younger brother’.

Featuring: Mama Nuiyuan and Jonathan Evatt.


Healing (ancestral) Trauma. 

Is the outside world a reflection of our internal world? What will happen in the material world once we deal with our shadow material?

Featuring: Lord Margesson, Jonathan Baker, Jenni Abdelnoor, Tara Love Perry, Karen Birch, Anna Rodgers, Dr. Robin Kelly, Nathan Wallis and Keith J. Mason


Conception, birthing and guiding children to adulthood. The way we conceive, birth and raise our offspring determines what our future will look like.


Featuring: Mama Nuiyuan, Nikki Rhodes, Nathan Wallis, Jacqlin Richards, Eugenie van Ruitenbeek, Jan Nouwen, Gratia Churchill, Keith J. Mason

4     ESSENCE:

Keeping our children in essence and authenticity. The sheer importance of recognising how vital our true essence is and how we can create the right environment for our children to thrive and remain authentic.


Featuring: Nikki Rhodes, Nathan Wallis, Jacqlin Richards, Eugenie van Ruitenbeek, Jan Nouwen, Gratia Churchill, Keith J. Mason, Vincent Foster, Anthony Thompson, Esther Somers


The body as the vessel for the soul and the spirit. Understanding how our thoughts, emotions, diet and lifestyle influence our physical health. Re-acquainting ourselves with the medicine that grows freely in nature.


Featuring: Jules Bright, Dr. Brian Clement, John Coombs, Anna Rodgers, Anthony Thompson, Tara Love Perry

6          MATRIX THREATS:

External dangers that threaten the integrity of the human experience. 

A.I., 5G, Smart Meters, WIFI and vaccinations: How do we protect ourselves from external harm?


Featuring: Joe Imbriano, Michael Brasunas, Yvette Isais, Mike Sygula, Anna Rodgers, Grayham Forscutt, Josh Whiton, Dr. Brian Clement


The rise of renewed relationships between all sentient beings. 

With all that we know about factory farming and the environmental consequences of it, can we still justify consuming meat and dairy? What are the benefits of a plant based diet?


Featuring: Mama Nuiyuan, Keith J. Mason, Jim Greenbaum, Albert de Booij, Vinny Eastwood, Mary Garner, Nathan Carter, Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Mike Joy, Glen Atkinson

8         GAIA:

Our relationship with the Earth. 

How can we work in sacred reciprocity with the earth and move from a linear mindset to a cyclical mindset?


Featuring: Pim Hagenaars, Dr. Mike Joy, Josh Whiton, Wiremu Grace, Philippe Bekaert, Jayden Klinac, Keith J. Mason


New ways of living - monetary systems and communities. 

Highlighting ways of shifting to a new paradigm with regards to our monetary system and our lifestyles. Featuring James Ehrlich of ReGen Villages and his pioneering eco town a.o.


Featuring: Ronald Bernard, James Ehrlich, Dr. Brian Clement, Claude Lewenz, Simone Woodland, Karen Birch, Grayham Forscutt


The marriage of spirit and science. 

Why are many of us so put off by spirituality? Why is it so important to re-introduce the importance of spirit back into the mainstream?


Featuring: Hiro Emoto, Glen Atkinson, Grayham Forscutt, Jonathan Quintin


If we truly are spirits having a human experience, then what happens when we die? We ask author Hone Edmonds who came back from the dead.


Featuring: Hone Edmonds



As we awaken and work on clearing our shadow material, how does this change the way we relate romantically? How can a relationship become a highway to evolution?


Featuring: Nikki Rhodes, Franko Heke

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