"Brian Clement facilitates the implementation of progressive natural health treatments and programs. His progressive ideas on natural health, coupled with his vast theoretical and practical science experience, have provided him with the opportunity to conduct countless seminars, lectures and educational programs as well as write numerous books."

"Ethical vegan and the Founder and Managing Director of  The Greenbaum Foundation. A former successful businessman, Jim left that world at age 41, and has committed to contributing in excess of 85% of his assets to charitable projects ending human and non-human suffering during his lifetime."

"Dr Masaru Emoto's son, he continues his father's legacy in the field of hidden messages from Water and by spreading Hado technology to the world. In Mind the Matrix he also speaks about how thoughts affect water. Since we consist of 80% water, our thoughts affect our wellbeing deeply."

Ronald Bernard

"Founder of United People Movement and financial platform B of Joy.

Ronald was a money dealer, serving the big money.

After his awakening he became a Socially Responsible Entrepreneur embracing 'A Good Stewardship of All Life'."

Tara Love Perry

"Transformational speaker. Tara is championing a

self-love revolution as the key to personal self realisation and collective human evolution. Author of

“I love you, me” and Director of the ‘Live In Light Academy’, her mission is to simply help people embody the love that they are."


"Award winning Director, Producer, Writer, Presenter and Intuitive Counsellor and Visionary.

Her passion is shining light on topics that can help humanity gain a better understanding of issues that taint our society and how to expand consciousness."

Mike Sygula

"Mike Sygula is a blogger, entrepreneur, activist and thinker, promoting alternative ideas to raise public consciousness of the important issues facing humankind. He is the author of: “Growth Hacking Tips And Rituals For Optimal Living” and the founder of Truth Theory."

Grayham Forscutt

"Grayham Forscutt has spent over 35 years developing a social organogram based upon the likely etiquette of galactic culture - selecting nature's own optimum method for clustering equal units. Grayham continues to explore and expand this self organising social structure." 

"Eugenie van Ruitenbeek has more than 20 years of experience as a coach and consultant and is the co-founder of Essence Brings. Her greatest talent as a Brain Training Expert is to bring people back in their essence and to train them to master this themselves. She likes to bring people to great heights in so-called "high risk" and "high consequence" situations."

Jan Nouwen

"Promotor and teacher of essence driven living and working. Co-founder of Essence Brings. A reliable mentor with a thorough knowledge of the human mind and its enormous potential."

"Ecologist. Outspoken

advocate for environmental protection after seeing first-hand the declines in freshwater health in New Zealand."

"Nikki and Franko are passionate advocates of authentic relating and positive sexual education. Together they are devoted travellers, presenting workshops at various festivals and retreats across the world."

"Jules Bright is a natural medicine expert and creator of natural healthcare products. A great advocate for the return to the medicine of nature."

Yvette Isais

"Yvette Isais' studies in Neurotoxins started three years ago in her pre-med classes. She found the same neurotoxins she was studying was also in children's vaccines. She has since made it her mission to bring together hard to find resources for the public. Bringing an awareness to the subject may bring forward change that may lead our children into a healther future. "

Hone Edmonds

"Author, Spiritual Teacher, Hone passed through the veil from his physical life into his death-stream on November 13th 2008. His experience was extraordinarily rare being one of the longest in the world to be 'dead' for over 25 minutes.  His spiritual self soared to a great and profound epiphany recollecting his journey of man’s meaning to happiness, courage, and self-fulfillment. "


Jenni Abdelnoor

"Jenni is a Sound Healer and Body Worker, assisting people to  go deeper into their body to clear illness and trauma."

"Albert de Booij is deeply interested in the way humanity is evolving in the 21st century. For this reason he has created an international platform called World of Consciousness, guiding and informing people on their journey in pursuit of awareness."

"Founder of The Awake Man Academy, the world's first education platform for men's growth and transformation, as well as a founder of The Awakened Living Project, which brings together people from all over the world to learn and grow together."

Vincent Foster

"Vincent Foster is highly sensitive to Energy! Not only can he sense it and tune into a wide spectrum of energies, he also has the ability to modify/shape it into a preferred state. He creates visual templates to translate energetic dynamics into helpful pictures (Road Maps)."

"Author, writer for Collective Evolution, Breast Implant Illness acitivist and Co- founder of Life Formula - Advanced Bio Active Mitochondrial Supplements."


Nathan Wallis

"Captivating audiences over 200 times per year, Nathan Wallis provides an informative narrative on how our day-to-day interactions with children and young people, plays a critical role in defining later outcomes for our children.

As a renowned neuroscience educator, he has developed a profound reputation as a lively and engaging speaker who uses humor and plain language."

Karen Birch

"Conscious catalyst and ‘keeper' of our planet, dedicated to calibrating the greatest truth and most impactful possibilities for both individual human consciousness and global culture. Sees the unifying of ecological regeneration and advanced human operating as imperative, and advocates a shift from ‘awakening’ to ‘mastery.’ Founder of NEW Culture and the Mastery Codes, as well as the UK branch of the Global Ecovillage Network."

Jacqlin Richards

"Supports individuals and couples back to their authentic, whole and unique selves to give themselves what was not present in their own childhood journey so they can create their Ideal 'Inner' Parent which manages their Adult self and Child self.  Enabling more ease, grace and presence moving forward into the way they 'Parent' within ALL of their external relationships with partners, children, colleagues and friends."

Glen Atkinson

"Student of Dr Steiner since 1976. Expert of Biodynamic Agriculture, the spherical nature of chemistry and using circles as universal organisational devices. Where Energetic Chemical Remedies are collected, for use with all kingdoms of Nature. This safe and free system of energetic harmonising can be used by everyone with access to a circle." 

Walid Mahmoud

"Walid Mahmoud is a freelance journalist from the Gaza Strip who covers social, human and innovation issues as well as current events in the Palestinian areas. With his humanitarian activity and brave reporting he drives change and awareness."


Joe Imbriano

"Background in Biological Science and Chemistry. Joe has been a community activist for over 20 years. He is a strong advocate for honest Constitutional government, individual liberty, health freedom, parental and human rights. For years he has successfully fought government corruption, fighting for parental rights, the family, our children’s health, safety in our schools, for humanity's rights to exist, governmental over reach into our lives and exposing eugenics agendas."

Claude Lewenz

"Tech entrepreneur who found his passion was asking how we could redesign habitat in a way that would enable people and communities to live a much higher quality of life. He organised the answers into a book and is now transforming those “patterns” into plans to build 21st Century Market Towns 
and Urban Villages.

Jonathan Baker

"An Instructor of ConTact C.A.R.E. Jonathan is passionately involved in sharing how this revolutionary method of bodywork engages with the defensive mechanisms of the skeletal system and is capable of creating extraordinary shifts in function, when excess skeletal pressure is released. He has pioneered applications for working with concussion, head trauma, PTSD & sensory disorders with the use of ConTact C.A.R.E. His vision is to see this method in use throughout the world."

"Founder and Director of Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Aotearoa, multiple-award winning author, traditional naturopath, and an international teacher on Man’s original consciousness, holistic health, authentic yoga, and awakening from the deception of the artificial matrix."

Vinny Eastwood

"Launching New Zealand’s #1 subscribed YouTube news channel in 2008 & The Vinny Eastwood Show in 2010

becoming New Zealand’s first US based talk radio show host & recently appointed executive producer of the American Freedom Radio network.

He believes the best way to influence society is through art and media, and is well on the way to creating the largest donor funded media entity in the southern hemisphere."

Dan Richardson

"Actor starring in film and TV including Disney's 'The Lodge'. Filmmaker currently producing, directing and presenting 'Food For Thought', a documentary exploring the global vegan phenomenon. Dan is dedicated to animal conservation and welfare. He is the patron or ambassador for six animal charities including the Born Free Foundation."

Richard Margesson

"A veteran British Army officer, PTSD survivor and nature conservancy worker. Founder of Walk Off War, a charitable project headquartered on Waiheke Island, NZ. Delivers events that enable stressed out people to heal themselves by restoring stressed out land to health."

Wiremu Grace

"Filmmaker and Presenter Wiremu Grace runs a video blog called ‘Eco Maori’ illustrating positive initiatives in health, wellbeing and environment that he is passionate about."

Philippe Bekaert

"Philippe runs Mundo Nuevo, a permaculture retreat centre in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia."

Pim Hagenaars

"Pim is a beekeeper and permaculturust at permaculture retreat centre 'Mundo Nuevo' in Colombia."


Jonathan Quintin

"Jonathan Quintin is a New Zealand artist and cosmologist who uses sacred geometry as a tool to help people attune to the harmony of universal order."

Dr. Robin Kelly

"Medical doctor, award winning author and researcher. For over 30 years, his aim has been to promote a broader vision of health and human potential in his writing, presentations and medical practice."

Keith J. Mason

"Keith lives by the mantra that “Energy moves in simple ways” and he demonstrates this as he helps people to get clear, master their energy, and have the financial and emotional freedom to be themselves, in life and business.

Standing in truth for the ongoing Awakening of Humanity, Keith helps to open hearts and anchor a more Soulful and fulfilling experience of life.

Keith continues to be an integral part of the change process for humanity."

"Wellbeing Specialist and Strategic Ecologist.

John specialises in metaphysics, mindfulness and holistic human wellbeing. He worked on natural food and ecology projects before establishing a prototype cutting edge Holistic Wellbeing centre. Through personal Wellbeing, John helps people actively contribute to conscious global evolution."

"With a group of neighbours, Michael undertook the brave project of standing up to the power companies by refusing a Smart Meter to be installed due to the potentially damaging magnetic pulses. Michael's aim was to establish peaceful communication between large corporations and the people."


Mind the Matrix will feature a rare communication with elder Mama Nuiyuan who shares with our audience, profound insights from 'the mother' (prime creator).

(Photo credit 


And a very special visit to

Mama Nuiyuan

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