Christianne van Wijk

Filmmaker and Presenter

Christianne is an award winning Director, Producer, Writer, Presenter and Intuitive Counsellor and Visionary.

Her passion is shining light on topics that can help humanity gain a better understanding of issues that taint our society and how to expand consciousness. She won ‘Best Director’ with her debut feature film The Scandalous Four at the London Independent Film Festival. Christianne has recently Line Produced the period drama REDBAD starring Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad). As a director, Christianne has several independent feature length documentaries under her belt.

She made and presented the highly successful film MIND THE MATRIX as a prequel to the series. She is also the Director of Gaia TVs successful 'Voices from the Forest' about the New Zealand Faery Folk. and

Axel Kremer

Cinematographer and Co-Director

Axel is a passionate traveller who loves connecting with new cultures and discover new ways of living.

Ever since the end of his cinematography studies in 2012, he directed and filmed several documentaries in Belgium and Latin America. His work focuses on the underlying complexity of human beings. 

In 2015, Axel moved to New Zealand where he worked on big scale projects like “Ghost In The Shell” (DreamWorks SKG / Paramount Pictures), “Krampus” (Legendary Entertainment / Universal Pictures) or the upcoming movie “Meg” (Warner Bros).

He is now looking forward to reconnecting with what made him fall in love with his job; filming documentaries.

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