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A word by co-producer Albert de Booij, Founder & CEO of Speakers Academy® Int., Europe’s largest speaking agency, & Founder of World of Consciousness:

Speaker's Academy CEO Albert de Booij



he world we live in today is characterized by a tremendous disrespect of Nature and

animal life. More than 100.000 animals are tortured, murdered, slaughtered and sacrificed on the altar of the human ego per minute. Each year more than 60 million human beings are starving to death. We (the world population) are manipulated through the food we eat and the medicines we take. Our thoughts and minds are manipulated by what we read and watch on TV.  We are sprayed with chemicals.

Economy rules over ecology, law rules over justice, fear over privacy, capital over morality and health-care is developing into a disease-industry. A world upside-down. What is abnormal has become ‘normal’ .

We must resonate with people who have become disillusioned with the violence, civil discord, crude materialism and carnism of modern civilization.


Christianne van Wijk is shining light on topics that can help {...} to expand consciousness. "

As an award winning Director, Producer, Writer, Visionary and Presenter, Christianne van Wijk is shining light on topics that can help humanity gain a better understanding of issues that taint our society and on how to expand consciousness.

I met Christianne at our head office in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) when we decided to interview her for our magazine ACADEMY® and I was impressed by her passion, perseverance and deep insights of the world’s most troubling problems.

As Founder and CEO of Speakers Academy® Int., Europe’s largest speaking agency, and Founder of (a non-profit platform to bring valuable knowledge to the world) I decided immediately to accept the invitation to become co-producer of the new series.

Our mission is to present knowledge and to share free thoughts. We strongly believe that change starts with awareness, the strongest agent for change.

A shift can only happen bottom-up, not top-down. Strong financial interests – and lobbying groups from the meat-, dairy-, military, egg- and pharmaceutical industries and corrupted political systems will prevent any major top-down changes.

The world needs leadership with integrity. Leaders who take the right decisions and actions, regardless of the consequences.


Humanity and all sentient beings unnecessarily suffer. We therefore must invest our energy in converting people from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation, from cruelty to compassion. We must honour the rights and freedom of all sentient beings. ALL. For the sacredness of life.

There are many, many good people on this planet who have an open mind to the world and whose spirits are not imprisoned and poisoned. The Mind the Matrix Series wants to take humanity on a journey towards greater awareness and fascinating knowledge.

This series is powered by and it is important to know that we do not sell products or services.

We are thankful for your cooperation and ideas to spread your wonderful ideas and insights to make this world a better place. We would be extremely honored if you could join us and become the new architects for the next generations to come.

Let us all change the switch and feed humanity with positivity and aim at empowering and awakening the mind.


Awareness is closer than you think. In fact sometimes, it is just a 10-episode series away.


With love and respect,

Albert "

The world we live in is a beautiful place, but also dangerous. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: ‘We know the world is a dangerous and sometimes evil place, but if we don’t do anything about it, we are evil ourselves’. Many people are concerned with the way humanity is evolving. Men and women, new generations, are done with being kept in the dark, done with being oppressed, controlled and exploited. It is our strong belief that ignorance is  a major  root of evil.

Although I am not a religious person, I have a great respect for the apostle Paul. He wrote: ‘Isn’t it remarkable that we  don’t do the good things we bear in our hearts, but that we do evil things we -deep in our heart- don’t want to do?’  I visualise this sentence as a switch and I would like to call it the St.Paul’s switch. If we just change the position of the switch, we will do the things we really want and we stop being harmful to the planet, all sentient beings, nature and… ourselves.


The Mind the Matrix Series wants to take humanity on a journey towards greater awareness and fascinating knowledge."